High End Handbags

High End Handbags

High End Handbags come from a wide variety designers in an even wider variety of colors and styles and are often known as purses and pocketbooks. While handbags can be seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics, it was in the 14th Century Europe that handbags were a social status represented by the quality and design of the handbag.

Today, handbags and high end handbags are everything from convenient and useful to fashion accessories. Whatever your use or purpose in wanting a high end handbag, you're bound to find the one for you from one of the designers below:

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Wildlife Artist, Heidi Quist, specializes in beautiful, exquisite Wildlife Art made of repurposed palm fronds.

Types of Handbags

Clutch: Small and long rectangular evening hanbag that has no handle.

Coin Purse: A small handbag for holding cards, coins and paper money.

Pocketbook: Your most common handbag or purse, two handles and worn over the shoulder.

Satchel: Large handbag with a small handle that is worn on the arm instead of the shoulder.

Sling Bag: Medium handbag with one long strap that is worn (slung) across the body.

Tote: Medium to large handbag with two straps.

Man-Purse, Murse or Manbag: Keifer Sutherland's character on "24," Jack Bauer, brought this item to fame - it is essentially a sling bag, for men.

High End Handbags and Highend Pocketbooks

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