Today, handbags and high end handbags are everything from convenient and useful to fashion accessories.

Whatever your use or purpose in wanting a high end handbag, you're bound to find the one for you from one of the designers below:

  • Aigner Handbags
  • Burberry Handbags
  • Calvin Klein Handbags
  • Chanel Handbags
  • Christian Dior Handbags
  • Coach Hand Bags
  • DKNY Handbags
  • Dolce & Gabbana Handbags
  • Fendi Handbags
  • Gucci Handbags
  • Hansengross Handbags
  • Juicy Couture Handbags
  • Louis Vuitton Handbags
  • Prada Hand Bags
  • Vera Bradley Handbags
  • Versace Handbags

Types of Handbags

Clutch: Small and long rectangular evening hanbag that has no handle.

Coin Purse: A small handbag for holding cards, coins and paper money.

Pocketbook: Your most common handbag or purse, two handles and worn over the shoulder.

Satchel: Large handbag with a small handle that is worn on the arm instead of the shoulder.

Sling Bag: Medium handbag with one long strap that is worn (slung) across the body.

Tote: Medium to large handbag with two straps.

Man-Purse, Murse or Manbag: Keifer Sutherland's character on "24," Jack Bauer, brought this item to fame - it is essentially a sling bag, for men.

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